Helicopter & Dogsled Tour

Helicopter & Dogsled Tour
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Port: Skagway


  • weight
  • jacket
  • Duration:
    2.00 hours
  • Adults:
  • Children:

This is the ultimate Alaskan adventure, suitable for all ages.  This Skagway Tour includes a helicopter tour to the remote Denver Glacier, where you will be dropped off for your own dog mushing experience on real snow.  Snow pack atop the glacier allows for summer-long adventures, where you get to experience the life of an Iditarod musher.  

This tour includes approximately 25 minutes of flight time on the helicopter, and nearly an hour on the glacier at the mushing camp.  Camera, jacket and sunglasses recommended.  There will be an additional $100 (+ tax) fee for persons weighing over 250 pounds.  

Tour Description: Your tour starts when you're picked up near your cruise ship dock (or downtown) by a friendly and uniformed Temsco employee who will drive you to their headquarters, less than a mile away. You will then be shown a safety video and outfitted with stylish safety boots and a sporty safety vest. You and your group will then be lined up on the helicopter pad and loaded into your own fancy helicopter. Once inside, you will buckle in and place state-of-the-art headphones on your ears. The headphones will allow you to hear and communicate with your skilled pilot. In total, you will spend about 25 minutes flying in the helicopter, so your flight to the dog camp may be around 15 minutes, give or take a few minutes depending on weather and a variety of other factors. Make no mistake, you will have a few laughs on the flight before you land on the glacier, where the dog camp is situated. After getting off your helicopter, you will have time to look at dogs and perhaps even see some adorable little Alaskan husky puppies. Rest assured, they are all good boys, yes they are. This is when the excitement really begins because you get on a sled and the huskies will pull you all over the snow-covered glacier. You will spend about 55 minutes on the glacier. It will be something you will never forget. When you're done with your sled ride, you will get to the choppa and fly back to the heliport. You will then have the option to be transported back to your ship or Downtown Skagway. Either way, you will undoubtedly start sharing your dog sledding on social media, making everyone you know back at home very jealous, especially if they're at work.