Alderleaf Artworks Tintype Photo Experience

Alderleaf Artworks Tintype Photo Experience

Port: Skagway


  • Duration:
    0.50 hours
  • Adults:
  • Children:

Tin-Type Photos by Alderleaf Artworks is a tin-type photography studio owned by Brian Pierson. He built a large-format camera and learned the art of historical photography during the 2020 pandemic. Brian will explain and guide you through the process of wet-plate collodion, where you will be the subject of your very own authentic tin-type photo. Wet Plate photography was invented in 1851 by Frederick Scott Archer. Wet plate collodion is the process of coating an aluminum plate with salted collodion which is then submerged in silver nitrate to create a photosensitive material. While still wet from the silver bath the plate is then exposed to light (1-2seconds) through a lens of a large-format camera.  

Due to long exposure, movement in subjects will cause blurring in the Image.

You can expect to understand the historical practice of Wet-plate Collodion.

During the process, you will sit for a portrait and be able to leave with your original Tin-type Photo.

Original tin-type photos come in the following sizes:
4.25in by 5.5in $80
5in by 7in $100
8in by 10in $150
11in by 14in $250